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Preventing Razor bumps

Steps to take to help reduce razor bumps:

  • Exfoliate the face and neck area every day or every other day using any gentle exfoliater.

  • The hair is more likely to cut evenly (and not at an angle) if the hair is wet. It also makes the hair soft, pliable, and easier to cut. So take a shower or bath first or just wet your hair with water for 2-3 minutes.

  • Use a shaving gel to help eliminate the irritation and lessen the friction. Work up a lather & let sit on your face for at least 2 minutes. Do your most razor bump prone areas last.

  • To reduce irritation and so prevent the razorbumps– try to cover each area no more than twice.

  • Do not pull or stretch the skin while shaving because when you let go the hair go back to below skin level.
  • Go for a less close shave – by using a single blade or by using an electric shaver not set at a close setting.
    (Double or triple shavers shave so far down that recoiling happens further back down - resulting in razor bumps.) Causing hairs to penetrate the follicle causing a reaction in the surrounding skin.
  • Follow the grain – when shaving for less likelyhood of razorbumps. That is shave in the direction of your hair growth, however remember not all of your facial hair grows downwards. The majority of  your facial hair may does grow downwards, but the area on the front of your neck that leads up to your chin may actually grows upwards.

  • Another method of preventing razor bumps is to use fresh blades regularly, dull blades are more likely to tear hair unevenly.

  • If you already have razor bumps - extricate hair that has started to grow inwards by using a short-bristled toothbrush. Massage affected area gently using a circular motion. Do this regularly.

  • Other options are using depilatory products. This is a cream base substance that you put on your beard area and it will dissolve the hair. Depilatory products on the market include Neet and Nair

  • Use pre-shave oil to prepare the face and neck before shaving. It helps lubricate the razor so that it slides more smoothly across the surface of the skin resulting in less irritation.

  • Use non-alcoholic after-shave lotion or cologne. Aloe Vera is very cooling, although not very moisturising.

  • Another option to prevent razor bumps is to use a clipper.

  • Shaving daily  - some men have found shaving the hair the following day prevents the hair that has started to curl in on itself from progressing.

  • Have patience, it may take a couple of weeks before any visable results in skin that has been suffering with razor bumps.