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What are Razor Bumps?

This site will look into ways of solving this condition.The technical name for razor bump condition is Pseudofolliculitis Barbae.  This condition mostly affects men with curly or coarse hair. It seems to be prevalent in black men (Afro-Americans). With up to 30-40% suffeing from this complaint.It occurs when men shave using blades that cut the hair at an angle, making it sharp.

The hair then grows back , curls and penetrates the skin instead of growing out – so resulting in ingrowing hair. This can often lead to hard red infected bumps. It can can also sometimes lead to scarring.


Worst case scenario
One man who suffered from razor bumps developed recurrent cysts on is cheeks. When the cysts were excised coiled hair shafts were extractedrazor bump

Images of Razor bumps

Solutions to this probleml include skincare products on the market e.g Tendskin,No Mo' Bumps After Shave, Solution 2 Rollerball

How to prevent razor bump

The first step is to prepare the skin for a shave. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells on the surface of your skin.  Then you need to choose a razor that will not aggravate or promote razor bumps >>more

Treating razor bump/How to get rid of razor bump

There are several over the counter products available for this condition. Their method is to use a type of alpha hydroxy acid to exfoliate the skin and helps to clear the pores of excessive oil buildup >>more

Black men, razor bumps and ingrowing hairs

Around 60 to 70% of adult black males suffer from razor bumps, to a greater or lesser extent. This is because the hair is thicker and more curly than other races.  A dedicated product range has arisen aimed specifically at Black men who have razor bumps and ingrowing hairs. Products on the market include Tend skin, Softsheen Carsons magic powder (depilatory), Black Opal Razor Bump Recovery Solution, Bump No More and BUMPPATROL

Alternatives to shaving

Another option is to take a break from shaving and use an alternative method of removing the facial and neck hairs.  These options include depilatories, clippers, waxing >>more