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How to get rid of razor bumps

Once you have the condition there are several solutions you can try to help get rid of razor bumps.

On the market are several aspirin based products like

• Bump patrol and
• Tend skin.
These products are aimed at treating ingrowing hairs and the surrounding inflammation. Aspirin has anti-inflammatory properties and help diminish the razor bumps and the redness surrounding them.

Other common ingredients used in ingrowing hair products include salicylic acid
Other products include
• Baxter Razor Bump Repair 30ml
• No Mo' Bumps After Shave
• PFB Vanishp


You can also help the situation by manually removing the ingrown hairs with a needle nosed tweezers. Always sterilise first with rubbing alcohol and then apply a warm damp cloth on the area for 15 minutes. Then individually remove each ingrown hair out of its follicle. Using a magnifying mirror greatly helps this process.

Lice Combs

Using a lice comb on the ingrowing hair frees trapped hairs.
1. Lather the hair with soap and then rinse thoroughly, leaving the skin slightly wet
2. Start combing your hair using firm pressure against the grain. Be more gentle and use more of a shallow angle over razor bumps
3. Apply a razor bump solution ( Tend skin , bump control etc)