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Barbers Rash



What is Barbers Rash?
This is one of the many type of infections you can get in the beard and neck area. This happens when the hair follicle becomes inflamed and infected with bacteria. This is usually the result of using unclean shaving equipment,( blades, scissor, clippers etc) or dirty towels.

The name of the offending bacteria is streptococci or staphylococci/ Staphylococcus aureus. This bacteria normally lives in the nasal passages but it can travel to the follicles while shaving. Unfortunately shaving only make the condition worse.

  • red, itchy sore and painful skin
  • pus filled bumps can develop
  • Itchy skin
  • small abscesses may develop

Once the infection takes hold it is difficult to control because it spreads from one follicle to another via shaving.

  • Do not wet shave as this produces to close a shave which results in an new exposed skin which may result in scratches and nicks which will allow bacteria a route into your skin
  • Click here on more help shaving to prevent these problems.
  • The area can become scared if treated incorrectly. Visit your doctor who may suggest a course of antibotics. This can be a recurring problem so do not expect a complete cure. Shaving at this time can be problematic.
  • Go to your doctor who may prescribe topical or oral antibiotics
  • Tea Tree oil provides antiseptic and has antibacterial properties.
    Lavendar is soothing.Try to find an aftershave that contains these essential oils.
  • Obviously do not share shaving equipment with others

Worst case scenario
Serious cases can result in hair loss or permanent scarring.

Alternative names
Pseudofolliculitis barbae; Tinea barbae; Barber's itch